Moisture Barriers That Stand Up to Nature

DELTA® High-Performance Air and Moisture Barriers Mean Better Protection

DELTA®-TRELA is a vapor-permeable underlayment specifically designed for metal roofs to prevent corrosion and moisture accumulation ensuring the longevity of your metal roof.

Don’t Let Moisture Concerns Damage Your Creativity

Architect Winn Wittman Chose DELTA® to Protect Manta Haus Roof

No Other Barrier Blocks Wind-Driven Rain and Air Better

DELTA® Air and Moisture Barriers Prevent Air and Moisture Intrusion While Being Highly Vapor Permeable 

DELTA®-MS provides reliable long-term protection for permanently dry foundations. The air-gap membrane allows any incidental water getting past the dimpled plastic sheet to fall freely to the footer drain.

Moisture Problems Frequently Start Below Grade

High Performance DELTA® Below Grade Moisture Barriers Provide Superior Protection for One of the Most Vulnerable Areas of a Building

Open-Joint Cladding Requires Extreme UV Resistance
DELTA®-FASSADE S is Designed Specifically for Open-Joint Cladding

DELTA® High Performance Moisture & Air Barrier Systems for Commercial & Residential Buildings

Residential Solutions

The right air and moisture barrier is one of the most critical components of the building envelope. Traditional barriers are no longer good enough. Whether you need moisture management for your walls, roof or foundation, DELTA® offers high-performance air and vapor barrier products to meet your specific needs.

Commercial Solutions

As commercial buildings become more energy efficient and strive for higher LEED qualifications, air and moisture control in the building envelope is essential. As leading air barrier manufacturers, we offer the technical support and building envelope solutions to enable architects to specify the best products and accessories for each building.


Build to a higher standard with the new DELTA® Academy

Bringing together scientific evidence and global experience, the DELTA® Academy provides learning opportunities for professionals looking to create high-performance buildings. From accessible, convenient, one-hour sessions to full-day workshops, our experts will change the way you see air and vapor barriers.

Creative Building Design Depends on DELTA® Barriers
Creative Building Design Depends on DELTA® Barriers
Find The Right High-Performance Product For Your Project
Find The Right High-Performance Product For Your Project

Find the Right High-Performance Products for Your Project

Energy-efficient buildings need both above- and below-grade air and moisture control barriers to meet today’s building codes and sustainability requirements. The wide range of specialized DELTA® air and vapor barrier products will ensure long-lasting air and moisture protection.

2023 Dörken DELTA® Product Catalog

Quality homebuilding begins and ends with choosing the best products right from the start. Explore our 2023 DELTA® Product Catalog and discover the complete line of high-performance moisture and air barrier protection systems that have helped thousands of builders make a lasting impression.