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We have the credentials and case studies that prove Dörken’s products enable your designs and work to maintain the integrity of your buildings by protecting them from moisture, increasing energy efficiency and even enhancing certain design elements.
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BIM objects – another first for Dörken

Dörken streamlines the process for architects, providing wall assembly files for AutoDesk Revit, the industry-leading BIM technology.

125 years of innovation

We’ve been protecting buildings from all kinds of weather, all over the world, for 125 years. And over that time, we’ve learned just what it takes to keep buildings dry, last longer, and be more energy efficient. Watch our video, and find out how DELTA®-VENT SA has led the industry in building protection – and how we can help protect your buildings.

Innovative Solutions for Unique Projects

  • Lockhart Fire Station Headquarters

    Lockhart Fire Station Headquarters

    A fire station is an icon of safety, part of the community, and central to everyday life. Recognizing the need to create a building that symbolized these values through design and performance was the driver behind the newly designed and rebuilt Lockhart Fire Rescue Headquarters in Lockhart, Texas. Designed by Studio Steinbomer and built by Countywide Builders, the new facility totals 2,700 sq. ft.
  • Budds’ Jaguar and Land Rover Dealership

    Budds’ Jaguar and Land Rover Dealership

    Strong enough to protect premium vehicles, DELTA®-VENT SA was selected as the go-to product to be used across the exterior of an 80,000-sq.-ft. luxury dealership designed by R.H. Carter Architects Inc., which specializes in national automotive retail design.
  • Collaborative Life Sciences Building

    Collaborative Life Sciences Building

    In order to find an effective and durable water shedding system to use underneath the perforated open joints that would manage the filtration of exterior elements, DELTA®-FASSADE S was specified as the water-resistive barrier for the $295 million Collaborative Life Sciences Building.

Solutions for Architects/ Building Consultants

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  • Wall Systems

    Wall Systems

    Changes in building codes and increasing owner expectations require architects and contractors to re-evaluate their approach to the building envelope. To meet requirements for continuous insulation and testing, improvements to air and moisture control is critical.
  • Sloped Roof Systems

    Sloped Roof Systems

    A high vapor permeability, high-performance, durable underlayment will allow vapor diffusion, significantly reducing moisture accumulation, lessening the potential of mold and rot. Investing in the proper underlayment will provide lasting moisture protection, energy conservation and sustainability.
  • Garden Roof Systems

    Garden Roof Systems

    The environmental benefits of a garden roof are overwhelming. To provide a long leak-proof service life, the right products and systems are critical. DELTA® products are designed for the unique demands of garden roofs.
  • Drainage Systems

    Drainage Systems

    Depending on your project’s specific needs, a high-performance DELTA® barrier will keep your foundation dry and moisture free. Whether your project requires waterproofing or a drainboard, our products will provide a higher level of moisture protection.
  • Sub-base Course

    Sub-base Course

    Commercial foundation protection requires high-performance solutions. To ensure building longevity and prevent damage, proper moisture control is essential in the sub-base.

Our Partnerships


Architect/ Building Consultant News & Events

  • Dörken enters distribution agreement with Proline Construction Materials Ltd.

    Dörken enters distribution agreement with Proline Construction Materials Ltd.

    Sep 25th 2017 // Product Launches
    Proline Construction Materials Ltd., and Dörken Systems Inc. have forged this relationship so that architects, consultants, engineers, general contractors, trades, and building owners have performance-based solutions for all their project needs.
  • Dörken –  first to provide BIM objects

    Dörken – first to provide BIM objects

    Jun 8th 2017 // Innovation
    Dörken is the first air and moisture barrier manufacturer to provide wall assembly files for AutoDesk Revit, the industry-leading BIM technology.
  • The Manta Haus

    The Manta Haus

    Mar 1st 2017 // Innovation
    Award-winning architect Winn Wittman was commissioned to build something spectacular