Building Science with Matt Risinger: Protecting Stucco and Stone Buildings

Aug 13th 2019 // Events

10:00AM - 12:00PM CDT
Norris Conference Center, 2525 West Anderson Lane, Austin, TX

Stucco and manufactured stone have been used in the building industry for ages. These claddings are well known, and well used for their leading properties in fire resistance, durability, and aesthetics. But many builders are still scratching their heads when it comes to tackling their biggest challenge with this type of finish – moisture. Moisture is a critical concern for stucco and manufactured stone homes. Without the right protection, uncontrolled moisture can lead to mold, wall rot, and decay, and eventually have an impact on both the aesthetics and structural integrity of the home.

Matt Risinger of Risinger & Co. invites architects, builders and contractors for a workshop focused on the best solutions on the market to protect stucco and manufactured stone buildings from incidental moisture. Learn hands on how to put the right measures in place to keep any moisture from penetrating the wall system, and leave feeling confident knowing how to ensure your homes can be better protected for the road ahead.