Earn AIA Credits Today: Latest Dörken CEU Courses Now Live

Jan 14th 2019 //

Dörken CEU Courses

Our latest three-part course on Building Enclosures is now live! The course will help you understand the fundamentals of moisture control, thermal control, and air control. It will also outline strategies that can be applied in modern building enclosures – helping you build to a higher standard.

In addition, we’ve launched a two-part course that underlines exterior continuous insulation and exterior air barrier systems for high-performance buildings—highlighting key principles for each.

Access the courses on BNP Media’s Continuing Education website.

Building Enclosures: Moisture-Control Fundamentals – Part 1 of 3
In part one of the course, you’ll learn how to adapt to the changes that have been made over time to building enclosure assemblies; make informed decisions about the appropriate rain-control strategies for wall assemblies in everyday design; apply effective moisture management strategies to building enclosure details; and more.

Building Enclosures: Thermal-Control Fundamentals – Part 2 of 3
Part two of the course will help you dive into the importance of building enclosure thermal control for high-performance buildings. You’ll also be able to express the difference in various insulation material options, as well as apply building science fundamentals to thermal control for detailing high-performance building enclosures.

Building Enclosures: Air-Control Fundamentals – Part 3 of 3
The final part of our Building Enclosures course will highlight the fundamentals of air control, explaining everything you need to know about airtightness and why it’s essential to a high-performance building. You’ll also walk away knowing how to assess the evolving air barrier and airtightness requirements prior to building, and more.

High-Performance Building Exterior Air Barrier System – Part 1 of 2
More than ever, air barrier systems are increasingly becoming a cause for concern for modern, high-performing commercial buildings. Part one of this course will outline the fundamental building science behind air control and air barrier systems, indicating how they can be applied. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to identify critical air barrier details during design and understand common solutions for high-performance enclosures.

High-Performance Building Exterior Continuous Insulation – Part 2 of 2
Part two of this course will help you determine the importance of thermal control for high-performance commercial buildings, while applying the fundamental building science behind thermal control and continuous exterior insulation. You’ll learn alternate approaches to exterior insulation, and identify which insulation materials are appropriate for each.

Access the courses on Architectural Record's Continuing Education website.


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