Our Products

Air and moisture control is critical to the sustainability and longevity of a building, for both energy efficiency and to protect it against potential moisture damage. Dörken’s above and below grade DELTA® barriers have the highest performance specifications on today’s market.

Products for Residential Use

High-performance air and moisture control products protect against expensive moisture damage, while adding energy efficiency and comfort to a home. Dörken’s range of innovative DELTA® products will ensure you are choosing the right protection for your project.

Products for Commercial Use

Proper air and moisture protection is key for building longevity. Whether you need a below- or above-grade product for horizontal or vertical protection, Dörken has the high-performance DELTA® products to protect the building.


Dörken offers a complete range of DELTA® waterproofing accessories for each of their products, providing you with a single source for both products and accessories to make your job easier and more efficient. Our accessories are designed to work with our products, so there are no concerns about materials incompatibility.