DELTA®-SCREW FASTENER for Drainage Membranes

DELTA®-SCREW FASTENERS securely fix drain boards to perimeter insulating boards without penetrating the waterproofing membrane. They are ideally suited for mounting DELTA®-DRAIN onto perimeter insulating panels made of XPS with a minimum thickness of 2" (60 mm). The fasteners have a length of 2" (50 mm).


  • Perimeter insulating panels must be solidly adhered to wall surface or waterproofing coating.
  • Secure entire insulated area by pushing DELTA®-SCREW FASTENERS through drainage membrane, screwing firmly into the insulation panel. Extra fasteners must be used near terminations of the drainage membrane.
  • One fastener should be used per square meter, and an Allen key ‘5’ is the tool required for installation. 50 DELTA®-SCREW FASTENERS are included per box.

Note: Always backfill and compact in layers. If backfilling is not done properly, the perimeter insulation may detach.