The Problem

Cold joints can cause serious foundation problems if not dealt with properly. A cold joint occurs where two separate pours of concrete meet; one pour is cured, and one pour is not. This can allow for moisture intrusion at the weak point. If water settles in the joint, it can lead to degradation, cracking or erosion. And, it can cause further and more harmful moisture damage, such as mold.  

The Solution

DELTA®-COLDJOINT BARRIER is a self-adhesive, waterproofing membrane that protects critical foundation areas such as cold joints. When used in combination with DELTA®-MS, or any other approved membrane, it provides a high degree of security against water penetration due to fluctuating water tables. DELTA®-COLDJOINT BARRIER helps to prevent the inward migration of moisture that accumulates on top of the footing. 

Product Details
Product Benefits
  • 40 mil (1 mm) self-adhering membrane
  • Composed of SBS (styrene-butadiene-styrene) modified asphalt laminated to High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) 
  • Self-adhering (peel & stick) membrane
  • Center split release liner makes for easy application
  • Dotted center line at 6" (approx. 15 cm) and 12" (approx. 30 cm) allows for easy alignment and convenient markings for trouble-free measuring
  • Comes in 18” (460 mm) wide rolls