DELTA®-STRATUS SA – Self-Adhered Barrier with UV Protection


Introducing the only vapor-permeable air- and water-resistive barrier with a fourth layer of added UV protection.

DELTA®-STRATUS SA is engineered with two outer layers of high-strength polypropylene fabric, and a highly vapor-permeable, watertight polymeric middle layer. The fourth layer is an innovative acrylic UV-resistant coating that is proven to provide UV protection currently unheard of in the building industry. 

This level of extreme protection means that DELTA®-STRATUS SA is able to provide the weather protection builders need to ensure the long-term integrity of their buildings. 

Prioritizing UV

Protecting air- and water-resistive barriers from UV exposure is extremely important for upholding their performance in the wall system. DELTA®-STRATUS SA was tested using real-world conditions to ensure it retains optimum water-penetration resistance, air tightness, and building integrity.

Superior performance

Like Dörken’s leading DELTA®-VENT SA, the new DELTA®-STRATUS SA uses superior design and technology to keep buildings dry and comfortable.

The inherent air and water tightness of DELTA®-STRATUS SA protects building enclosures from air leakage and water penetration, even during harsh weather and wind-driven rain. Since the product is also fully adhered, lateral movement of air and water is eliminated. 

Both DELTA®-VENT SA and DELTA®-STRATUS SA lead the industry in vapor permeability. This feature allows for more effective drying to avoid the harmful effects of moisture in the wall system. 

The overall performance and durability of the system contribute to fewer building issues and emergency calls, longer building life, better occupant comfort, and higher overall client satisfaction.

Easier installation for a healthier bottom line

DELTA®-STRATUS SA is fully adhered, from back to edge, allowing for simple, straightforward application without any fasteners required. DELTA® also provides contractors with very clear and comprehensive installation materials and technical documents, making installation easier, faster, and more reliable.  

Product Details
Product Benefits

• Four-layer, fully self-adhered WRB and air barrier; no fasteners required
• Outer layers are made of high-strength spun-bonded polypropylene (PP) fabric bonded to a vapor-permeable, watertight polymeric middle layer
• Full surface coating of high-tack aggressive adhesive
• Split release liner for easy application
• Adheres exceptionally well to itself at laps

• Industry-leading UV protection
• Industry-leading vapor permeability (50 perms), allowing moisture in the building to escape
• Improves energy efficiency and performance of building enclosures
• Lightweight, highly durable and tear resistant, standing up to any job site or weather condition
• Simple application helps ensure proper installation
• Meets all building code regulations in the USA and Canada
• Overall occupant comfort and client satisfaction 

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