DELTA®-DRY & LATH - Rainscreen & Fiberglass Lath

The Problems

Installing a rainscreen and lath separately requires additional fasteners and increases labor costs. Metal mesh poses a safety hazard to the workers during installation due to sharp metal. Installing absorptive cladding over wood-based sheathing can lead to moisture damage to the wall assembly.

The Solution

The DELTA®-DRY & LATH is a 2-in-1 product that combines the proven technology of the DELTA®-DRY rainscreen with an innovative fiberglass lath for a complete, one-step moisture control and lath system in one. By combining these two critical components in one, an entire step is eliminated from the construction process. DELTA®-DRY & LATH completely eliminates the need for a metal lath, providing easier and safer handling for the installer. The alkali-resistant glass is not affected by chemicals and will not corrode. 

Solar-driven moisture is stopped before it can do any damage. At the same time, DELTA®-DRY & LATH also allows any incidental moisture from within the wall to dry to the outside. 

DELTA®-DRY & LATH is extremely durable and will protect the building from moisture damage well into the future.

Installation and Best Practices for DELTA®-DRY & LATH

Product Details
Product Benefits

• Ventilated rainscreen with pre-installed glass lath for manufactured stone and conventional stucco claddings

• Rainscreen membrane with Air-gap Technology made of a special High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)  

• Alkali-resistant glass lath that replaces wire lath for application of scratch coat

• Two-sided drainage and ventilation through a unique dimple and groove design

• DELTA®-DRY & LATH is easy, safe, and quick to install 

• The 2-in-1 solution reduces labor costs when used with claddings requiring scratch coat

• DELTA®-DRY & LATH has a pre-installed glass lath, which makes it ideal for installing absorptive claddings 

• Drainage and ventilation through the air gap on the interior and exterior side of the membrane 

• Long-term structural integrity due to a reduced potential for water  

• The pre-installed, alkali-resistant glass lath is in compliance with ICC-ES AC 275 (MVMA requirements) 

• Meets ASTM E2925-17 (Standard Specification for Manufactured Polymeric Drainage and Ventilation Materials Used to Provide a Rainscreen Function)

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