The Problems

Often the footings of a building are not properly sealed. The capillary rise of water through the porous cement footing and into the interior of the structure can allow for mold growth, deterioration of moisture-sensitive materials, and unhealthy living conditions. 

The Solution

DELTA®-FOOTING BARRIER acts as a physical barrier between the footing and the foundation wall, resisting the capillary wicking of water and upward migration of moisture from the footings into the foundation wall, also known as rising damp. 

Product Details
Product Benefits
  • 3-ply sheet membrane
  • Composed of polyester needle-punched fabric, a polyethylene barrier, and an anti-slip surface layer
  • Hydrophilic needle-punched PET fabric forms a strong mechanical bond with the concrete
  • Polyethylene middle layer creates a moisture barrier, preventing the wicking of water from the footings through to the foundation walls
  • Non-slip surface coating helps keep the jobsite a safe work environment
  • Highly tear resistant, even during the placement of gravel
  • Easy installation – lay it into the freshly poured concrete footings, smooth into place with a trowel, and form the keyway with the membrane in place
  • Simple footing alignment, a center line marks the location of the keyway preprinted on it
  • Rebar may be inserted into the wet concrete through an X-cut in the DELTA®-FOOTING BARRIER 

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