Concessionnaire Jaguar et Land Rover Budds

Building name:
Budds' Jaguar and Land Rover Dealership
Building location:
Oakville, Ontario
Project Size:
80,000 sq. ft.
Building type:
Luxury Car Dealereship
Project Type:
Automotive Retail Design
Type of Cladding:
Alucobond (ACM) Panels
Total Building Value:
$2.2 Million
Budds' Group
R.H. Carter Architects Inc.
General Contractor:
Chart Construction Management
Sub-Contractor for DELTA® Product:

Project Description

Anyone who knows luxury vehicles also knows state-of-the-art sales and service facilities are part of the prestige that comes with them. Budds’, a Canadian chain of luxury car dealerships, has taken this tradition to heart for its Jaguar and Land Rover dealership by building a new, fully equipped, premium building that better reflects the quality and luxury for which its imported products are known.

Located in Oakville, just west of Toronto, Ontario, the new Budds’ Jaguar and Land Rover dealership is an 80,000 sq. ft. building completed in 2018, and designed by R.H. Carter Architects Inc., a leading firm that specializes in national automotive retail design.

Key players bringing the design to fruition include Chart Construction Management, who brought extensive expertise in design build, project management, and construction management and Sobotec, a sub-contractor who had previously supported the construction of several Budds’ dealership builds across Hamilton and Oakville. This unique project was the first large-scale building by Sobotec to feature DELTA®-VENT SA and, in their opinion from selection to application, this product was a complete success.

Both Airtight and Vapor Permeable

To create a high-performance wall system that enhances building performance at a premium facility, DELTA®-VENT SA was selected as the go-to-product to be used across the entire dealership exterior. The membrane uses industry- leading technology to create a continuous water-, air-, and weather-tight barrier that prevents dangerous moisture from getting into buildings. It also allows moisture that is already in the walls to escape. DELTA®-VENT SA helps eliminate the building enclosure’s risk of mold and other problems caused by moisture.

For Budds’ Jaguar and Land Rover dealership, DELTA®-VENT SA’s airtight properties will also contribute to a healthy, comfortable, and energy- efficient building, which are priorities for today’s building industry. Airtight structures are ones where any unintended gaps in the building envelope are eliminated, gaps that would otherwise cause air and energy leakage in or out of the building.

Easy, Workable, and Straightforward

The Sobotec team stated that installing DELTA®- VENT SA throughout the Budds’ Jaguar and Land Rover dealership was practical, smooth and quick, particularly given the scale of the project. When moving from one corner to another, installers appreciated the total width and length of each roll as it enhanced the logistics of their workflow.

Overall, installing DELTA®-VENT SA on Budds’ Jaguar and Land Rover dealership was a seamless success. Sobotec commended the method of getting the product from Dörken’s North American facility, where those involved helped move the project forward quickly and without complication.

For more than 40 years, Budds’ has developed and maintained a legacy built on high-level, all-encompassing service. Aligning with Budds’ testament to quality customer care and reputation, DELTA®-VENT SA will effectively protect this project from the elements well into the future.

DELTA®-VENT SA meets the most stringent airtightness requirements when tested by ASTM E2357 (Air Barrier Assembly Test), and is included in NFPA 285 compliant wall assemblies, is Red List Compliant (DECLARE), and has a Health Product Declaration® (HPD 2.0) for LEED® 4.0 available.

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