1047 Avenue du Commonwealth

Building name:
1047 Commonwealth Avenue
Building location:
Boston, Massachusetts
Project Size:
90,000 sq. ft.
Building type:
Project Type:
Multifamily Residential Rental Housing
Type of Cladding:
Trespa Open Joint
Urban Spaces LLC, Cambridge, MA
Neshamkin French, Boston, MA
RJ. Kenney Associates
General Contractor:
Metric Corporation
Sub-Contractor for DELTA® Product:
Lavada Inc.

Project Description

1047 Commonwealth Avenue was originally a two-story building that the developer, Urban Spaces LLC, planned to expand to six stories. The plan was to create 180 studio apartments for graduate students and young professionals.

Nearby Boston University was in the market for temporary student housing while the dorms were being remodeled. They reached an agreement with Urban Spaces to lease the apartments for the next two years.

While it normally would take a year to fill a new apartment building, 1047 Commonwealth was filled as soon as it was completed. The building will return to market rate housing when the university agreement ends.

The architectural firm, Neshamkin French, needed to design a building with an attractive exterior, both to make it a welcome addition to the neighborhood as well as to make the building more desirable to tenants in a competitive market.

The owners also wanted an energy-efficient building that could help control the operating costs, especially during the bitter cold Boston winters. They also plan on this building having a long service life, so they looked for materials that would provide a long, trouble-free service life.

The architects selected open-joint cladding from Trespa as the exterior cladding. Because they were using an open-joint cladding, they needed the water-resistive barrier to survive the damaging effects of UV for the life of the building exterior. Since the barrier is partially exposed, open-joint cladding also requires a barrier that can provide extreme water and vapor protection.

The architects specified DELTA®-FASSADE S, designed specifically for the demands of open- joint cladding. With the highest UV rating of any barrier, DELTA®-FASSADE S is highly vapor permeable and extremely tear resistant.

The black color of the DELTA®-FASSADE S barrier also enhanced the appearance of the open-joint cladding, adding depth and beauty.

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