Maison du Lac Grenier

Estrel, Quebec, Canada

Building name:
Maison du Lac Grenier
Building location:
Estérel, Quebec
Project Size:
2300 sq. ft. + basement
Building type:
Project Type:
New Construction
Type of Cladding:
Rough-sawn cedar
Total Building Value:
Paul Bernier Architecte, Montreal, Quebec
General Contractor:
Leonald Goyette, Chertsey, Quebec

Project Description

The Lac Grenier house follows the tradition of innovative, modern architecture that characterizes L’Estérel and several of its houses which display the influence of Frank Lloyd Wright. The house is long with a low profile, built to a human scale, with large fenestrations and a strong sense of livability. It has been designed for this specific site on Lake Grenier to respect the views as well as the natural elements. It is intended to have an organic shape that integrates into the topography of the site and embraces the existing flora. The rough-sawn cedar cladding with open joints gives the house a modern look while, at the same time, keeping the natural feel.

The owners wanted to retain the intimacy of the terrain that benefits from the dense forest on both sides, the road, and the lake as much as possible. They were looking for a contemporary architectural style that is accessible, while still dedicated to the site and surrounding nature.


The architect chose a footprint that minimized the impact on the existing vegetation and a profile that adapted to the existing topography, rather than man-made landscaping. This resulted in a particularly interesting detail; the screened porch that appears to float.

Architect Paul Bernier chose a profiled vertical cladding made of cedar with small joints in between the elements to create more visual depth. Under these circumstances, the water-resistive barrier had to be UV resistant since the structure behind the cladding would be more exposed to the weather than with a regular closed cladding system. DELTA®-FASSADE S was chosen for its very high UV resistance, water tightness and outstanding vapor permeability. DELTA®-FASSADE S is black with a UV-resistant coating, as are the accessories, DELTA®-FASSADE TAPE and DELTA®-FASSADE FLASHING. Because it is watertight and very vapor permeable, precipitation stays out while internal moisture is allowed to diffuse to the outside. Under an open-joint cladding, DELTA®-FASSADE S will protect the structure from snow and rain while letting humidity evaporate out of the wall.

DELTA®-FASSADE S is plain, deep black with no printing, blending perfectly into the structure, adding depth to the profiled cladding. DELTA®-FASSADE S provides the most durable and long-lasting protection that brings aesthetic visions to life.

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