Introducing an innovative, new self-adhered air- and water-resistive barrier with industry-leading UV stability for open-joint systems.

Superior protection for open-joint systems.
DELTA®-FASSADE SA joins DELTA®-FASSADE S to provide water, wind, and UV protection for your open-joint cladding design. The difference? DELTA®-FASSADE SA is engineered with two outer layers of high-strength spun-bonded polypropylene fabric and is self-adhering for simple application. Together, the DELTA®-FASSADE family of products offers superior open-joint cladding solutions.

Weatherproof performance that won’t break down.
Engineered with two outer layers of high-strength spun-bonded polypropylene fabric, DELTA®-FASSADE SA has a highly vapor-permeable, watertight polymeric middle layer and a UV-stable acrylic coating. It protects building enclosures from air leakage and water even in the toughest weather, including wind-driven rain. And, because it is fully adhered, it eliminates lateral movement of air and water.

Build better and more efficiently.
Applied much like DELTA®-VENT SA, DELTA®-FASSADE SA is self-adhering for simple, secure, and proper application that is straightforward and easy to do without any fasteners required. Meeting specific IRC and IBC requirements, DELTA®-FASSADE SA is lightweight, highly durable, and tear resistant—tough enough to stand up to the demands of the jobsite and fulfill application, energy, and building code requirements.

Protection you know and trust.
Leveraging the extensive research, trialing, and testing that went into the development of DELTA®-FASSADE S, DELTA®-FASSADE SA provides the same superior protection you’ve come to expect from our DELTA® products.

Product Details
Product Benefits

  • Fully self-adhered water and air barrier; no fasteners required
  • Outer layers are made of high-strength spun-bonded polypropylene (PP) fabric bonded to a vapor-permeable, watertight polymeric middle layer
  • Black color enhances appearance of open-joint cladding
  • Full surface coating of high-tack aggressive adhesive
  • Split-release liner for easy application
  • DELTA®-FASSADE SA is suitable for:
    - Buildings under International Residential Code (IRC)
    - Type V-B construction under International Building Code (IBC)
    - Buildings under 40’ with no plastic foam insulation under IBC

  • Industry-leading UV protection
  • Highly vapor permeable for optimal drying
  • Improves energy efficiency and performance of building enclosures
  • Lightweight, highly durable, and tear resistant, standing up to any job site or weather condition
  • Simple application helps ensure proper installation
  • Overall occupant comfort and client satisfaction
  • Matte black; prevents blinding during installation and acts as a blank canvas, allowing the open cladding architecture to shine 

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