The Problems

Floor slabs collect moisture and mold when composed of porous concrete. In order to protect a building’s foundation and provide longevity, proper moisture control is necessary. A sub-base course will prevent the concrete from pulling water up from the dirt, allowing moisture to seep through walls, floor, and joints. 

The Solution

DELTA®-MS UNDERSLAB provides reliable long-term protection for permanently dry basements. It is a high-performance vapor retarder and sub-base course with high compressive strength, allowing long-term protection from rising moisture.  

DELTA®-MS Underslab
Product Details
Product Benefits
  • Dimple board
  • The middle layer of DELTA®-DRAIN is manufactured with an exclusive co-extrusion process, utilizing 60% recycled High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • The two thin outer layers are composed of a specific grade of virgin HDPE 
  • Vapor retarder protects the foundation from rising moisture
  • Outstanding compressive strength and impact resistance
  • Unrivaled sustainability and long-term performance
  • Acts as a capillary break under the slab
  • Reduces or even eliminates the need for expensive gravel
  • Composed of 60% recycled HDPE, the product is environmentally friendly
  • The outer layers, composed of virgin HDPE, protect the recycled HDPE from polymer degradation caused by oxidation and environmental influences like acidic soils or alkalinity (concrete)
  • The virgin HDPE stabilizes the product against chemical and environmental stress cracking
  • Tough and durable, the dimpled sheet can endure the rigors of jobsite installation
  • Easy to unroll and install, no equipment or additional excavation is required 

Installation Guides

Product Details

Technical Data

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