The Problems

When floor slabs are made of porous concrete, they can accumulate moisture and mold. To ensure longevity and safeguard a building's foundation, it's important to exercise proper moisture control. One effective method is to use a sub-base course, which can protect the footing and prevent moisture from being drawn up from the soil and seeping through the slab.

The Solution

DELTA®-MS 20 Vertical is a compression-resistant, durable, dimpled sheet made from special High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and suited for your vertical applications. It provides heavy-duty, long-term protection for a permanently dry foundation.

This product is a heavy gauge version of DELTA®-MS, offering outstanding performance thanks to its deep 25/36” (20 mm) studs. It provides drainage for water from rock/subsoil in vertical applications, and is ideally used where extra drainage capacity is required, on deeper structures, or where a larger flow rate is required. DELTA®-MS 20 Vertical can also be used as a “cavity former” for many types of new construction.

Product Details
Product Benefits
  • Studded membrane composed of HDPE 
  • 20 mm studs create an air-gap at the foundation base, creating a free drainage path, allowing any water that gets past the dimpled plastic sheet to fall freely to the footer drain
  • High drainage capacity
  • Impermeable to water and water vapors
  • Impervious to acids and other agents
  • Tough, resilient, and durable – has an expected service life of more than 50 years
  • Unlike a coating, product bridges all size cracks, ignores damage points, and deflects water 

Product Details

Technical Data