The Problems

Without proper ventilation and drainage, moisture can accumulate between the water-resistive barrier and siding of a building. This issue can be particularly evident with absorptive or reservoir claddings. A rainscreen separates the cladding from the building, allowing drainage and moisture evaporation. 

The Solution

DELTA®-DRY is an innovative ventilated rainscreen for complete moisture protection. It is the ideal protection behind adhered manufactured stone veneer, conventional stucco and other absorptive claddings. 

Product Details
Product Benefits
  • 3-dimensional membrane, dimple and groove design
  • Made of special High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) 
  • Structured membrane provides two-sided exterior and interior drainage and ventilation
  • Ventilated air space allows interior water vapor to escape between the sheathing board and the membrane while minimizing condensation that could cause potential damage within the building enclosure
  • Complete capillary break behind the cladding provides ventilation, which captures and drains transient moisture migrating through the wall structure
  • Waterproof, resisting the passage of bulk water from wind-driven rain and snow, and managing water leakage through the cladding
  • Installed outboard of the water-resistive barrier over sheathing board
  • Material is easily cut, and seams are simply butted together, making overlapping unnecessary
  • Exterior cladding material can be installed as usual, right on top of the rainscreen  

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