DELTA®-FASSADE S - UV-Stable Barrier for Open-joint Cladding

The Problems

Open-joint cladding systems require extreme water and vapor protection. If the water-resistive barrier is not durable in extreme weather, or stable when exposed to prolonged periods of UV light, the system will fail.

The Solution

DELTA®-FASSADE S is the water-resistive barrier that is ideal for open cladding. The watertight membrane is highly vapor permeable and extremely tear resistant. Highly stabilized against damage from UV exposure, the barrier is designed for use in cladding systems that have open joints up to 2” (50 mm) wide, which expose up to 40% of the entire façade surface.

DELTA®-FASSADE S is the only UV-stable, water-resistive barrier that is tested under and has passed ICC-AC38. 

Product Details
Product Benefits
  • Highly tear-resistant polyester substrate with a special, highly UV-stabilized acrylic coating
  • Class A fire rated  
  • UV-stabilized polyester substrate
  • Durable drainage plane, channels bulk liquid from wind-driven rain and snow to the outside of the structure
  • High vapor permeability, allows moisture within the cavity to escape swiftly via diffusion
  • Watertight; protects the building enclosure from the possible damage of moisture infiltration
  • Lightweight and tear resistant, making installation fast, easy and reliable
  • Heavy duty, withstands the rigors of jobsites, as well as tough wind and weather
  • Matte black; prevents blinding during installation and acts as a blank canvas, allowing the open cladding architecture to shine 

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