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At Dörken, our goal is to ensure our customers select the right product for their building project. We specialize in high-performance air and moisture barriers that provide superior protection to above and below grade walls in residential and commercial applications.

125 years of protection

No one knows protection like we know protection. Find out how we've learned to protect buildings from the most extreme conditions imaginable all over the world.

Our mission

Our mission is to be the most knowledgeable and reliable manufacturer and supplier of high-performance air and moisture barriers in the USA and Canada.

With knowledgeable people and customer service, we strive to be the market leader for high-performance air and moisture barriers.

Our Vision
Our Vision

Our history

Dörken is the North American division of Ewald Dörken AG in Germany. Ewald Dörken AG has been in business since 1892, longer than almost any building materials company.

ISO - International Organization for Standardization
ISO - International Organization for Standardization

Our Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System

We believe quality and sustainability go hand in hand. Our integrated system helps us maintain this balance in every decision we make.


Our company continues to grow – and that means opportunities for the right people who believe in our principles. We offer fulfilling roles that enable you to contribute to our goal of continuous improvement, develop new skills and knowledge and achieve personal goals.


Our affiliates

As a leader in the building industry, we're committed to innovating and delivering the best possible solutions to our customers. To help us achieve this, we collaborate with other recognized institutes, organizations and associations within the building industry.

  • BSC
  • CSC
  • Construction Instruction
  • EEBA
  • ASTM International
  • CSI
  • Canadian Home Builders Association
  • ABAA
  • RDH
  • RCI
  • Green Building Council
  • Building Science Consulting Inc
  • The American Institute of Architects