The Problem

Large, flat roofs and ceilings covering underground parking lots and buildings can be turned into useable space. They are ideal for performing more useful functions as traffic routes, playgrounds or leisure areas, as well as for creating extra parking space. However, proper waterproofing and drainage must be installed for these systems. Precipitation must be drained and conducted away safely from the underlying structure.

The Solution

DELTA®-TERRAXX is a dimpled sheet with a geotextile layer. It acts as a drainage layer while also protecting the primary waterproofing membrane.

Product Details
Product Benefits
  • Dimpled sheet with a laminated layer of filtration geotextile
  • Drainage layer distributes excess water out and away from the structure, preventing the accumulation of frost
  • Compression-resistant permanent filtration geotextile prevents the dimple structure from being clogged up by sludge, thus guaranteeing optimum drainage
  • Integrated self-sealing edge makes the dimpled sheet easy to lay out and helps to prevent root penetration
  • Smooth backing of the material ensures that any impinging loads are distributed evenly across the waterproofing surface, making it safe for workers to walk on any compression-resistant waterproofing layers during the construction phase
  • Smooth backing protects the waterproofing from mechanical damage and harmful exposure to heat
  • Easy, safe and cost effective installation – sheets are simply rolled out on top of the waterproofing layer, with the permanent-filtration geotextile facing up
  • Finishing is easy due to a dimple-free overlap zone equipped with a self-adhesive strip
  • Can be used in applications such as: gravel covered flat roofs, parking garages, walkways or flagstones