DELTA®-DRY Ventilated Rainscreen

Two of the biggest challenges builders face are the impact of dampness moving through a wall from the outside, and moisture in a wall that originates from the inside. Highly absorbent reservoir claddings such as conventional stucco and manufactured stone can significantly increase the potential damage. Framing and sheathing becoming wet during construction is another chronic problem that needs to be addressed. 

The long-term effects of moisture on a building can be serious, affecting not only occupant comfort and long-term building performance, but the reputation of the builder. Fortunately, there is a reliable solution to all of these challenges – DELTA®-DRY ventilated rainscreen.  

DELTA®-DRY is a dual-chambered ventilated rainscreen that provides advanced moisture protection against wet, weather, and mold. It not only stops wet and damp from moving through the wall from the outside, but also works to get rid of any moisture in the wall that originated from inside the house.

A ventilated rainscreen that dries, drains, and protects.

DELTA®-DRY is a semi-rigid, heavy-duty polyethylene membrane with a unique structure of studs and channels that creates a protective barrier around the home. It is the first channeled polyethylene sheeting that dries and drains, and that can’t be penetrated by air or moisture.

Any water that gets into the air gap will flow harmlessly down the pathway to the outside of the building, where it drains away. DELTA®-DRY provides an absorptive reservoir cladding protection that will keep your building dry for years.

Product Details
Product Benefits
  • 3-dimensional membrane, dimple and groove design
  • Made of special High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) 
  • Structured membrane, providing two-sided exterior and interior drainage and ventilation
  • Ventilated air space allows interior water vapor to escape between the sheathing board and the membrane, while minimizing condensation that could cause potential damage within the building enclosure
  • Complete capillary break behind the cladding provides ventilation, which captures and drains transient moisture migrating through the wall structure
  • Waterproof, resisting the passage of bulk water from wind-driven rain and snow, and managing water leakage through the cladding
  • Installed outboard of the water-resistive barrier over sheathing board
  • Material is easily cut, and seams are simply butted together, making overlapping unnecessary
  • Exterior cladding material can be installed as usual, right on top of the rainscreen 

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