The Problems

An improper waterproofing system can allow hydrostatic pressure to build, making any crack in the foundation an access for water damage. 

The Solution

DELTA®-DRAIN 9000 HI-X has the highest compressive strength of all the DELTA®-DRAIN HI-X (2000, 6000, 6200) products.

Whether in commercial or civil engineering applications, DELTA®-DRAIN 9000 HI-X is the ideal solution for horizontal applications like plaza deck and pavement construction, split slabs or where a combination of high compressive strength and high drainage capacity is required.  

Product Details
Product Benefits
  • 2-layer drainage composite
  • Consists of a dimpled drainage core, and a high-strength woven monofilament polypropylene fabric 
  • High-strength polypropylene core allows a continuous path for water discharge, eliminating the potential for build-up of hydrostatic pressure
  • Woven monofilament fabric allows water to pass freely into the drainage core while withstanding abrasion during substrate application
  • Woven fabric is fully bonded to the dimpled drainage core, which prevents it from being pushed into the flow channels by the load of the overburdened material
  • Extremely high compressive strength – can withstand loads of up to 18,000 psf (862 kN/m2)
  • One of the only drainboards on today's market made out of a special copolymer polypropylene, which is dramatically stronger than polystyrene imitators, resisting jobsite damage and rough handling
  • Special copolymer has superior impact resistance, tear resistance, and stress cracking resistance
  • Outstanding impact resistance helps to maintain the integrity of the dimpled core even under tough conditions
  • Will function as protection board in a waterproofing system, and may also be used under asphaltic protection boards with hot asphalt paving on top
  • Not suitable for underneath soil. When applied with patio stones or landscaping pavers a “fines” or leveling layer is required
  • Large roll size (6'x50') makes installation easy. The product is simply unrolled on horizontal surfaces (subgrade preparation requires grading to a minimum 2% slope) 

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