DELTA®-FLORAXX Drainboard for Garden Roofs

The Problems

Storm water runoff can be overwhelming during a heavy rainstorm when it is not effectively retained or circulated. A garden roof can significantly reduce the amount of storm water entering the municipal sewer system, which can result in additional LEED® points over and above what has been achieved for a garden roof alone.

The Solution

DELTA®-FLORAXX is specifically designed to retain water in garden roof assemblies to reduce storm water runoff. The product features large, 20 mm high dimples with an octagonal shape for outstanding compressive strength. The breathable perforation and dimples allow water and air to circulate freely on the underside, so that water cannot collect on top of the insulation. A high water retention capacity and ability to effectively drain away surplus water make DELTA®-FLORAXX ideal for use in extensive or intensive rooftop gardens. 

Product Details
Product Benefits
  • Composed of 60% recycled High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and 40% virgin HDPE – an environmentally friendly product that’s rot-proof even in contact with soil 
  • Forms a superior foundation for green roofs together with DELTA®-BIOTOP and DELTA®-ROOT BARRIER.
  • Capable of storing 7 l/m2 (21.98 fl. oz/ft²) of water as a reserve for periods of draught.
  • Safe for drinking water and rot-proof in growing medium.
  • Compressive strength of 200 kN/m2 (4,160 psf) and an enlarged water retention capacity thanks to its innovative 20 mm (0.79”) high octagonal dimples.
  • Easy, cost-effective installation with faster coverage because of its 2 m (6.6’) wide sizing.
  • Special dimple construction allows for excellent air circulation, aerobic plant growth and the formation of strong root systems.

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