Spa Balnea

Bromont-sur-le-lac, Quebec, Canada

Building name:
Building location:
Bromont-sur-le-lac, Quebec
Project Size:
2300 sq. ft + basement
Building type:
Project Type:
New Construction/Addition
Type of Cladding:
Ipe wood with cedar furring strips painted black
Total Building Value:
$1.2 million (incl. exterior landscaping and extension of existing building)
SPA BALNEA (Denis Laframboise, Stephanie Edmond)
BLOUIN TARDIF Architecture - Environment
General Contractor:
Construction des Sommets

Project Description

On BALNEA SPA, DELTA®-FASSADE S was used by BLOUIN TARDIF Architecture - Environnement to add depth of beauty and superior performance to the building enclosure. The BALNEA SPA is located in the heart of the Eastern Townships, perched on a hillside in a private nature reserve overlooking Lake Gale. About an hour away from busy Montreal, 10 minutes from the ski resort of Bromont, you can find peace in this beautiful spa with Finnish saunas, a Turkish bath, outdoor hot tubs, a lake, slow food, and resting areas with fire places. In addition to all this splendor, you can choose from a large variety of massages, yoga, and assorted treatments. The facilities are housed in the original, old-fashioned building with thick stone walls built in the 1970s and the principal spa building, which was built in 2005.

The owner was looking for a functional, inviting new building to be a complement to the immersive spa experience as well as a connection between the two existing structures. And at the same time, it should meld with the surrounding forest. BLOUIN TARDIF’s answer was a centrally located minimalist pavilion on stilts. The open-joint wood cladding and wooden walkways integrate the building into the landscape in a contemporary style. It houses the reception area of the spa as well as the offices, creating more space for the spa and treatments in the principal building.


Since the spa was to remain open during construction, and peace and quiet is an essential part of the spa experience, BLOUIN TARDIF developed a wooden structure, which was preassembled by Bonneville Homes. It was delivered to the site and installed on triangular metal stilts. This way, disturbances were kept to a minimum.

The architects at BLOUIN TARDIF Architecture - Environnement spent a great amount of time on the development of the exterior. They wanted to create a cladding that appeared to be floating. For durability purposes, ipe, a very hard hardwood from the Brazilian rainforests, was chosen for the open-joint cladding. Because it is a also a very dense wood, its weight was taken into consideration in the construction. The ipe cladding was installed horizontally on vertical cedar furring strips for additional durability. In order to keep the floating look, the furring strips were painted black.

Because the ipe will undergo some shrinkage after a couple of years, the corner detail required special consideration. The designers chose a gap instead of connected corners that would become undone over time. The contractor meticulously ensured precise and detailed finishing.

With this type of cladding system, the structure underneath is much more exposed to the weather (and to the eye) than with a regular closed cladding system. For this reason BLOUIN TARDIF chose DELTA®-FASSADE S as the water-resistive barrier. DELTA®-FASSADE S has a black and UV-resistant coating, ideal protection from the harsh sun to which it will be permanently exposed. Because DELTA®-FASSADE S is water tight and very vapor permeable, precipitation will stay out while allowing internal moisture to escape. Under the open-joint cladding, DELTA®-FASSADE S will let humidity evaporate out of the structure while resisting rain and snow. DELTA®-FASSADE S, along with the associated accessories, is plain black with no printing. It will blend into the structure, giving the sought-after floating effect and a desirable 3D look.

DELTA®-FASSADE S provides the most durable and long-lasting protection that brings aesthetic visions to life.

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