Engineering Solutions
With accessible materials like our installation videos, a certified installer program and the best technical manuals in the industry, Dörken provides all the help you may need in choosing the right solutions for your buildings.

High-Performing Solutions for Complex Problems

  • Collaborative Life Sciences Building

    Collaborative Life Sciences Building

    In order to find an effective and durable water shedding system to use underneath the perforated open joints that would manage the filtration of exterior elements, DELTA®-FASSADE S was specified as the water resistive barrier for the $295 million Collaborative Life Sciences Building.
  • Audain Art Museum

    Audain Art Museum

    Patkau Architects used DELTA®-VENT SA and DELTA®-DRAIN when creating the Audain Art Museum, a high-performance building that preserves the precious art inside it while blending into the natural vegetation surrounding it.
  • Hotel Lismore

    Hotel Lismore

    With reduced operating costs and guest comfort in mind, the contractor recommended DELTA®-VENT SA to the architect of this newly redesigned and rebuilt Eau Claire, Wisconsin hotel.

Our Solutions for Engineering

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  • Drainage Systems

    Drainage Systems

    Depending on your project’s specific needs, a high performance DELTA® barrier will keep your foundation dry and moisture free. Whether your project requires waterproofing or a drainboard, our products will provide a higher level of moisture protection.
  • Sub-base Course

    Sub-base Course

    Commercial foundation protection requires high-performance solutions. To ensure building longevity and prevent damage, proper moisture control is essential in the sub-base.
  • Tunnel


    Proper drainage is critical to the integrity and longevity of tunnels. A high-performance dimpled membrane will avert moisture infiltration issues and keep the tunnel's structure sound. DELTA® drainage products have been used in some of the world’s most challenging tunnel projects for many years.

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